Retro Commissioning of existing building is done to verify the existing systems installed in the building is performing as per the requirement and to make sure that there is no energy wastage. This includes setting to work and regulation of the systems to design requirements. Commissioning is deemed to be complete when all regulation work is concluded. Drawings will be studied for commission ability and Initial site visits will be carried out. A detail project specific method statement with ITP will be prepared and test sheets will be put in place.

A.B.L In-house commissioning and tracking program will be prepared in coordination with construction program. The commissioning process incorporates static pre commis­sioning, which is carried out prior to setting to work, upon pre commissioning initial tests will be carried out to ensure systems volumes are satisfactory for testing and balancing to commence, any duty adjustments will be carried out by pulley and belt change for belt driven fans. If the main volume is not within plus or minus 10% of design capacity, the complete system will be reviewed for performance and suggestion / recommendation made to client.

The main plant will be measured by pitot static tube traverse. The balancing of terminals will be carried out using an electronic vane anemometer/ bolometer or utilizing prefabri­cated hood where appropriate. Upon completion of balancing and regulations all VCD's and balancing devices will be locked and settings marked.

A typical sequence of works as follows:

  • Pre-Commissioning (HVAC) Air & Water systems.
  • Balancing and Regulation.
  • Performance Testing of HVAC equipment's.
  • Environmental Checks and Tests.
  • Sound Level measurements.
  • Preparation of Detailed Reports.

All commissioning works are carried out in accordance with the CIBSE and BSRIA Com­ missioning Codes together with the ASHRAE, NEBB codes of practice as applicable and all instrumentation is regularly tested and calibrated to national standards.